Purchase Order Financing

When you are looking for reliable financing in order to domestically produce, export, or import pre-sold merchandise, Affinity Capital Solutions has expertise necessary to provide funding that is tailored to your needs. Our purchase order financing plans are designed to help companies meet their biggest challenge – locating the capital they need in order to obtain the pre-sold merchandise that their business relies on.

Services We Offer

Letters of Credit for domestic trade purchases and import and export transactions are just some of the financing services that we offer to companies of all sizes. Whether your business primarily resells, produces, or distributes manufactured products, we can offer the funding that you need to secure merchandise. Even start-up companies that have very poor cash flow or insufficient access to capital can come to us and learn more about our small business financial solutions.

Benefits of Our Purchase Order Financial Plans

Businesses can enjoy many benefits from our purchase order financial solutions, including:

  • Ability to increase market share
  • Experience growth without selling equity or increasing debt with banks
  • Receive fast, tailored funding
  • Ensure that customer orders are delivered in a timely fashion
  • Increase profits by fulfilling larger customer orders

Our purchase order finance plans are designed to give your business reliable and fast funding so that you can stop worrying about money and start focusing on company growth.

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